Developing Bold Leaders for Education Systems Change

By harnessing strategic inquiry and collective
learning, we can create a future filled with possibility.

The 6 Questions Approach

We’re developing the next generation of systems change leaders

Teach For America (TFA) works toward the day when every child will have access to an excellent education, identifying and nurturing leaders committed to expanding opportunities for low-income students and spearheading transformational systems change in the communities we serve.

By fostering collective learning about education systems change, the Systems Impact Lab at TFA aims to develop the next generation of bold, rigorous, and courageous systems-level education leaders.

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6 Questions
for Strategic Clarity

The 6 Questions is an inquiry-based leadership development framework that equips education leaders with the strategic clarity needed to drive transformational systems change. Representing the distillation of more than 30 years of systems-change thinking at TFA, the 6 Questions guides leaders through a community-grounded, asset-minded, and reflective process of understanding their community’s education system, naming the change that is needed, and building a strategy to get there.

Answer The 6 Questions

See the System

Set a Vision

Change the System

2030 Goal

By 2030, twice as many children in the communities where we work will reach key educational milestones indicating they are on a path to economic mobility and co-creating a future filled with possibility.